Frequently Asked Questions

If you have Google account, you can simply connect it to Install Indonesia and you will be registered automatically. Click Connect with Google on the login or registration form.

Or, you can join and register by clicking the on/off icon on the top right corner.

A login form will popup and click the registration tab. Enter your name, email and password to complete and continue.

Alternatively, you can visit the registration page at to sign up. You will be asked to fill some profile information.

You don’t have to pay for anything to use our service(s). Install Indonesia Community is FREE.

Install Indonesia is a public and open community. So, anyone can sign up for an account and follow the general rules. The account shall not be used to share illegal or illicit information, copyright infringements material or involve in any prohibited activities. We may terminate the account without prior notice if we found out such abuse of the account.

Yes. You can invite anyone to join and contribute with Install Indonesia Community. In your Profile page, choose Send Invites.

You can delete your own account at your account settings. Or, you can request an account deletion by sending us an email to with subject [Delete Account Request]. Our support team will remove your account without question(s).

We suggest you to export your data from your Account Settings page before the deletion. Once the account removed, we are not be able to restore your data.